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  3. Login issue

As i already mentioned whenever i
login in i am redirected to this page (or without mobile at the end) which is nothing more than a blank one with an "ok:/' written at the top left corner. With all due respect to the mods and developers who with their passion and work maintain and enhance the features of the site, i would love to get an answer from them after so many weeks of dealing with this uncomfortable situation.

I don't know what happened but the first sentence was meant to be "As i already mentioned in... whenever i log in, i redirect to page (or without mobile at the end)....". Any answer, please?

Aaah, sometimes i hate this forum :)

still waiting for an answer...

What OS and browser?

windows 10 and google chrome.Sorry for the delay

Hmm, I could not reproduce the issue, but what the "ok:/" means is that the login was successful and a redirect to "/" (the home page) is supposed to happen. Do you have any browser extensions?

yeah, antivirus and adblock stuff.

Can you list the exact names? I'd like to try reproducing the issue.

Sure, Adblock plus, UBlock Origin, McAfee WebAdvisor and Google Docs Offline are activated along with some Chrome apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides)

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