Logic of the game abandoning warning

hopefully it is programmed that way you do not get paired with the same player again after aborting the game (on I aborted games vs. morons who opened 1. a3 and 10 seconds later I was paired again with them, counted as 2 aborts and sanctions started from number of aborts no matter if the same opponent - only a year ago or so stopped that nonsense)

#9 Certainly, although already warns players to not be jerks:

Fair Play and Community Guidelines
Users, both registered and unregistered agree to behave with good conduct whilst using Lichess’ Services. This will always be determined at Lichess’ discretion. Users who don’t behave with good conduct may have their account banned or closed without warning, and their content removed from the site. In all circumstances we withhold the right to ban or close an account for any reason without warning, and without having to provide evidence that Fair Play and Community Guidelines have been breached.

... These are just some suggestions of what we would consider against the spirit of playing fairly in our community. This list is non-exhaustive and doesn’t detail all activity we can or will take action against. The final word is always with the administrators, and penalties will be applied at the administrators’ discretion.

Why did you abort when playing as black when your opponent opened with 1.a3?

I don't know how it is on, but on Lichess when creating a game, you can choose the range of your opponent's rating. Thus there is no excuse to abort the game because you don't like your opponent rating or opening or the color you got.

But I often start a game with a missclick because i dont pay attention at the rating and then i get 1200 guy ... do you understand ...

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