#LiveLaughLoveLichess - the 4 Big L's that make life better!
Thanks @thibault and Crew
thanks @kazamaza for your effort everywhere.

We were talking during the daily rapid about eating ice cream or chocolate while the opponent is deep calculating - and about to set the life-priority right.
Then I wrote in the chat to Kazamaza: LiveLaughLoveLichess - and he replied: nice words, did you read it?
But I didn't read this topic (he wrote the same day) - I can't explain - but maybe KATG-Team is becoming kind of telepathic connection - world wide chess-woodooo.
Wuuuhuuuuuuuu - scaaaary :D
Or Lichess connect people all over the world far above the explainable!
Wuuuhuuuuuu - scary toooohoooo :D

Lichess = superhuman-more then chess!

Thanks for all !

@KingThisPawn lol that telepathy was indeed spoooky 😂
its happening KTPppppppp lichess has now self awareness , koooooooooooool 😂😎

#livelovelichess forever and after forever beyond internaty 🙏💘💖💗💛💙💜❣💕❤🧡🌍😊

Lichess Lived,
Lichess Live,
Lichess always will Live

Thanks for the beautiful website and everyone who creates and plays here.💖

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