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  3. squatters is returning a 404 not found right now. The IP is another new one today. Since the web server is still up and the DNS is still registered, it could be coming back at any time.
It could also be targeting specific devices or browsers. Yesterday it would redirect to a fake chrome add-on for chrome, but other sites for firefox. Today, both FF and Chrome (latest versions) just give the 404, but hitting it with curl attempts a redirect to which doesn't resolve.

It is owned by a company that specializes in domain squatting. That's literally all they do. They are the worst scum on earth.

Just say no!

Legal action to force them to surrender the domain is expensive. Indeed, they are the scum of the Internet.

Call up Mr Con Zwinkels n express your distaste for what his services are being used for.

Phone: 31 20 316 2880
Fax: 31 20 316 2890

#15 Not sure if you're drunk, meme-ing, or serious here.

Yeah looks like a troll name doesn't it? XD

It's real info.

I don't think a simple phone call will get them to stop somehow

rofl, A for rational thinking

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