Lichess voice chat

its working great, i played and voice chat with thibauuuult :D and he is really awesome nice guy and good player as well :D great feature great experience that will bring people more closer to each others , friends will love this feature thank you thibault our hero , you are the best ever , Love Respect and Much appreciation to you sir.

Is there a "voice" button to activate mic capturing? If I don't want to keep my mic always on...

aren't you supposed to shut up during games? :o)

Normally I don’t chat during games. So I made an exception :) Actually if you are not used to it is quite distracting, actually I searched where to enter the chat. But everything went smoothly eventually, voice chat worked well. Lying in bed I used the internal mic and speaker, because I didn’t want to search and connect my pro ones. :)

WOOW That idea never even crossed my mind and it's just genius. That will surely make lichess very unique, props to you devs!

Was it hard to implement?

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