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Hi, lichess please introduce a new challenge for a new trophy. Lichess had given only few members certain trophies like berserking marathon survivor and many more. I also want a trophy not only me all members on a lichess wants something like this. Please this is a humble request to open a challenge for a on weakly or monthly bases whoever will complete it will get a trophy. This will also helps in promoting chess. Now public opinion needed.

I agree, new challenges would be fun. Maybe monthly with the first 10,000 to complete will get the trophy? Maybe different number, I'm not sure what would work best.

I, also, would like to have a trophy on my profile, but I think that part of what makes them special is their rarity. On every tournament awards trophies, but on lichess you have to be pretty special, and I think we should keep it that way.

@iBishop You make a very good point.