Lichess Study (idea?)

Hey first of all thank you for your great work.
I love using your studys to share a game I played OTB with my coach.
But herefor it would be great if I could sort it like its often used in books.
For example
Chapter 1 'Grenke Open' with some little Textbox to say somthing about how you did preapare for this and if you choose this tournement it opens section 1.1 - 1.9 with the games. (like it's done in your video libary? Is my guess. Correct me if I'm wrong ;) )
Are you planning to do something like this?
If not its fine but it would be a great help for me.
Or is it already possible but I'm just blind.

Thanks in advance.

You can rename the chapter and write out the chapter how you like. And you can organize the games with click and drag.

With that being said, if you want to organize multiple chapters to be looking like one chapter, you can use one of the "chapters" as a chapter marker. Some of my studies have an entire entry to introduce a new chapter.

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