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  3. Lichess seemingly auto reposting old threads

been a couple of days now and i've had multiple reposts from lichess going back a couple of years now

i've looked a few times to see if a post like this has been made

i cant be the only one seeing this

I believe it's because the disqus comments at the bottom of the blog started showing ads so they had to go. Now each blog post will have a thread for comments on the forums and they're doing it for old blog posts as well. That's what NoJoke told me on discord.

they need to fix it. im pretty certain there has been multiple reposts of the same old content

there is no need to do this and it does nothing but hurt the forum

Ok calm down.

lol there arent many things that triggers me, but this definitely gets a solid "why??" everytime i see a new thread for something that happened years ago

so far i havent had a fault with lichess its all been clean and really well made

this mistake looks amateur

No multiple post. Each blog entry needs its own forum topic, and is posted once.

@thibault ok thank you for replying. theres has been so many that i might have mistaken reposts to have been multiples

why are you doing this and going as far back as 2014?

It's automatic. Hang on and it will all be over soon.

I'm curious why the threads didn't start all at once but at this random order?

My best guess its because of the huge load of posts

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