Lichess report

#9 There is no once in a while. Once you'll get a warning, chances are we won't bother sending another one.

#10 That's privilege information and would stay between Lichess and the person who sends the report.
I don't think this is funny.

We are discussing chat here.
There are chat timeouts, there is a DM warning, revocation of communication permissions and finally account closure.
I don't think this is funny either, i have spent many years on this website and i don't want my account to go to waste, i invested many many many hours of study and playing and i would like to make sure it doesn't all go away because of a misunderstanding... I am just trying to get more info so that nothing bad happens that's the point.
That is precisely why i posted on this forum, i read that section and i don't recall having ever did anything against what it says :(
You readily admitted to saying "coward" to people after games, which is quite similar to the "run noob" example in the Chat Etiquette page under "Disrespecting other players". I think what's been said here is crystal clear: If what you say can be taken in an insulting way, then don't say it. If you pay attention to warnings and improve your behavior, you will have nothing to fear.
Sorry i guess i didn't think that saying something like "why do you run away like a coward?" was on par with saying "i fuck your mom every night" or "you are a piece of trash"

(sorry for the language but that's what i have been dealing with often...)

i get that its hard/impossible to go case by case so you guys have to put a line somewhere, just didn't know i crossed it when i compare to what has been said to me.

Thx for the explanation

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