Lichess problem on IPAD (IOS 10.3.3) /Using safari browser / Chessboard disappeared

I have tried to install all browsers which were mentioned in the link in post #5.
I could only install Microsoft Edge because this was the only browsers which still works with IOS 10.3.3.
All other browsers (Firefox, Chrome ) require at least IOS 11.4 or IOS 12.
I have also installed another browser (Dolphin) which was not on the list.
But the problem was the same in all of these browsers.
The chessboard is not at the place where it should be. It was moved upward just as you can see on the screenshots.
It is more or less the same in all Lichess features where a chessboard is needed.
Also in Analysis board and Board editor.
Even in the forum where somebody posted a link to one of his games, the embedded link is incomplete. No chessboard at all.

I am only a amateur in regards of programming. But from my point of view it just seems that someone has simply changed the x and y coordinate of the position where the board should be. Normally at let s say. X=0 Y=0 and now X=0, but Y= +8 (random number)

Having the same problem with an iphone on IOS 10.3.4, could play until 2 days ago.

I am having the same problem on IOS 10.3.3 on both Safari and Chrome browser. It was working fine a few days back but not anymore.

Any pointers to a possible solution would be greatly appreciated

Same same with me and my "old" ipad...
Five Days now with no games possible!
Looking forward to any solution.

I can share my experience because I encountered the same problem on many websites. First of all it is useless to try to install a third party browser because they are forced by Apple to use the safari engine for rendering or they cannot publish in App store. Secondly there are some javascript bugs in iOS 10 which will never be fixed by Apple.
The only solution is to activate the iOS 10 compatibility mode in the javascript libraries used if they provide one.

I have now found a way to deal with this problem which was more complicated than it looks like.
1. No browser (Safari / Edge / Firefox /Chrome) which can be installed on an IPAD 4 with IOS10.3.3 works anymore

2. Only an old version of the Lichess App still works on an IPAD 4 with IOS 10.3.3.

3. The problem is that it is not possible to download the latest version of the Lichess App from the Apple App store.
When you try this you will get a message which tells you that your IOS Version is not compatible.
The reason is that the Lichess App requires IOS 12.

4. But there is a solution. You need an older version of the Lichess App which still runs under IOS 10.3.3

5. The problem is now that you can't find an older version of the Lichess App in the Apple App store.
The older versions are still there, but Apple doesn't show them to you.

6. But there is a trick which you can use.
a - It is possible to load the latest Lichess App on a second device which uses at least IOS12.
b - It is also possible to load the latest Lichess App in iTunes on your computer. Here it is not posssible to use the latest version of iTunes because in these versions there is no App store included anymore. The version which is recommended here is 12.6.5. If you have an older version try first if you have access to the app store.
For a or b it is of course necessary that you use your Apple-ID.

7. Now you can take your old IPAD 4 with IOS 10.3.3. and open the App store and go to "Purchase"
Here you will see now the "Lichess App" with a Cloud symbol.
Click on the "Cloud symbol". Now you get a message if you want to download a version of the "Lichess App" which is compatible with your IPAD. Click on Yes and the App will be installed.

It is really funny that this trick works. Why doesn't Apple ask you the same question if you try to install the IOS12 App version. I guess they simply want to sell a new IPAD to you.

Edit: I guess that this was not a good advice. Using the old Lichess app causes a lot of errors. E.g. I played the Daily puzzle (ID 74705) which was counted as a rated puzzles. I also noticed that I now get the puzzle ID 74711 as my next rated puzzle when I want to play rated puzzles on my laptop. I was at puzzle ID 62357 before I used the old Lichess app the first time.
Something is not synchronized now.

Edit 2: Using the old Lichess app is better than not being able to use Lichess on my IPad. A lot of feature work pretty well. Lichess TV, random puzzles when not logged in and so on. Unfortunately the study tool doesn't really work well in this old app. Interactive puzzles don't work. Everybody can directly see the solution.
Question: If I used the latest Lichess app version, would there be all functionalities of the study tool available which are there when I use a browser ?

Edit 3: Playing games is also possible with the old app.

A friend of mine found the following solution:

1. Download and Open the browser "Radium" in AppStore: „Radium Web Browser“ von Slayter Development
2. Go to Settings (=3 Points in the top right corner)
3. Open “Extensions”
4. “Add new Extension”, e. g. “Lichess”
5. Select "At end" and paste the following code: or

This is a small JavaScript which changes the position of the board. Maybe it needs some optimization for future versions of Lichess. If you need another position (e. g. for different board sizes) you can edit the number “490” after “margin-top”.

Guschdl ....This works great..!!!👍🏻😀 Just in the extension... after pasting the code ... should be "at end"

THANKS to your friend and you... I can play on my old IPad and maybe win more games 😂

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