Lichess problem on IPAD (IOS 10.3.3) /Using safari browser / Chessboard disappeared

Hello Lichess,
Yesterday evening (10 pm, European time) I worked on studies on my IPAD. When I changed from one study to another the chessboard had almost entirely disappeared. The board was moved upward and only one rank (first or 8th rank) is still visible.

I checked now and it is still not working again.
The same mistake appears in all applications where a board is shown. LichessTV, Puzzles, Studies, any game.

I have made a view screenshots

LichessTV: (first rank is visible. It is still possible to see that pieces are moving there)



I installed an alternative browser on my IPAD: Dolphin browser

Nothing has changed. The problem still exists.


Clearing the cache (named website data and cookies on IOS) and rebooting your device should fix it.

Dolphin is not a supported browser and Safari doesn't get that much support either:

So, install a fully supported browser instead.

Nonetheless, yesterday there were some issues, like pieces disappearing from the board or the board going completely dark. This actually happened in a tournament and I was thinking it was actually a blindfold tournament, but the same happened in regular games or on Lichess TV. I "solved" it by changing the board theme and the piece set, so maybe try that?

Referring to #3
I followed your advice, but it didn't solve the problem.
The chessboard is still not at the place where it is supposed to be.
It was moved upward in such a way that only one rank is visible.
If I change the board size in the settings from 85% to 0% then I can see 3 ranks.
If I drag down the screen then I can even see the pieces on the missing ranks, but no board.

Until yesterday evening everything worked fine on my old IPad.
I always used Safari. I only tested this Dolphin browser out of curiosity.

I tried to download the Crome browser from the App-store without success. This failed because Crome requires IOS 12 and higher.
The problem is that I can't make an upgrade to IOS 12 because the IPad seems to be to old (2013/I really love apple for that :-)
IOS 10.3.3 is the highest upgrade which is possible.

Do you know a working browser that works with IOS 10.3.3 ?

No, I don't use iOS, but you cannot really expect Lichess to work on an operating system that even the own company that develops it is no longer supporting, but still: Did you try changing the board theme and the piece set?

Now I tested a few more browsers which are mentioned in the Lichess link in #5

The only browser which I could install on my iPad with IOS 10.3.3 was Microsoft Edge (Latest version 45.8.14).

But even with this browser the problem still exists.

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