Lichess not loading

Hello everybody!

I've played on lichess for past 3 years casually but last few months I had to switch to a different chess site which doesn't really suit me and I'd like to go back to lichess.

The problem is everytime I open lichess site (app works fine) it just keeps loading. I can see the main page loading, i can see that the puzzle and live games on the sides are loaded (only boards though, not the pieces) and i can't do anything. After about 30 seconds it loads fully. When i start any game the site refreshes (new page loads) it does start a game immediately but i'm not loaded so it always ends in an aborted game since I don't make any move in time.

I've tried loading lichess in incognito mode, i've tried clearing settings and cache in the browser and trying different browsers but i only use chrome anyways so that wouldn't be a fix for me.

Thank you for any tips.

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