Lichess League/Ladder with divisions

It would be an excellent new feature for Lichess. Lichess C960 League would be cool too.

A properly designed ladder (perhaps similar to what Yahoo does) sounds entertaining (and more accurate for comparing players than ratings could ever be), but who's going to develop it?

Probably easier to do than all the bizarre 'variants'.

The thing is, lichess is ACHING for new style competitions, but they never really come. The nearest thing to 'different' is Swiss.

We had 0+1 for about a week, but they took that away just as we started to enjoy it!

About a year ago there was a vote, and 'new competitions' walked it. Having put up with the awful arenas for ages, that no one seemed to like - and the problems were well documented, but they were defended to the hilt until the last minute - it seemed as though the comp fans were onto a winner.

Various competitions have been discussed, but nothing happens.

The best would be probably to have some kind of ratings related leagues where people can get promotion and relegation. It'd be fascinating to see if some of the so-called top players actually want to end up playing each other regularly in a superleague that the rest of us aspire to joining and try hard to, by working hard in division 17!

I wish someone who can would just DO IT.

I'm TRYING to introduce a different competition at least, but I'm one guy, doing it by hand (lol) when lichess could do the same thing as the Grand Prix Tournament Series or whatever, but so much better and with so much more exposure.

However much of an anarchic student mentality there is going on here with regard to it all being free and stuff, which is cool, there's still a feeling of 'us' and 'them' when it comes to getting suggestions listened to, which can be dismaying. Especially after half a bottle of gin.

"The best would be probably to have some kind of ratings related leagues where people can get promotion and relegation."

We can do this manually -> create a team name called "Unofficial Lichess League" or just "League". Create qualification tournaments for league divisions. After these qualification tournaments, league starts with the same operations.

"Probably easier to do than all the bizarre 'variants'."

You're kidding, right?

@Toutatis #7

- "We had 0+1 for about a week, but they took that away just as we started to enjoy it!"

The Hourly 0+1 tournaments were scrapped because nobody was playing in them. We tracked the numbers for a while and they were fairly empty even during peak times. In fact, they were so unpopular that user made 1+0 tourneys were getting more players than the 0+1 tourneys in the same time slot. So we decided to replace them with a 25min 1+0 Arena and so far they seem to be quite popular.

- "Various competitions have been discussed, but nothing happens."

We've actually made plenty of changes to the arena schedule, its just that no-one seems interested in playing the more obscure formats. We used to have Thematic Tourneys every 6-hours, but there would be a massive drop in player numbers for those tourneys. Since then we've changed it so that the Thematic Tourneys happen every 12-hours and the numbers seem to have stabilized, so expect the Thematic Tourneys to be around for a while yet.

A few weeks ago we introduced around-the-clock Variant Arenas, but its the same old story, almost no-one was playing them. And with the way arena works, if you don't get many people playing in the tourney the format doesn't really work all that well. So when the Variant Arenas continued to consistently under-perform, we had to give them the axe.

We've also recently added increment tourneys into the schedule every 6-hours as well as around-the-clock 10+0 Arenas. To say that "nothing happens" is a fairly inaccurate characterization of the way that the lichess team approaches the tournament schedule, we regularly monitor the schedule and are always seeking ways to improve it .

All you've suggested in this thread so far is "Hey lets have a league system" without providing any details on how you imagine that this system would work or why a league system is needed in the first place. The lichess team is indeed open to ideas from the community, but they need to be detailed and they need to be practical to implement given the resources we have available.

And the lichess team isn't even necessarily opposed to the idea of a league system, if you come back to us with some precise details on how such a feature could be included into the site as well as a solid reasoning of why it should be added to the site then maybe something will happen. All you've done so far is come up with a half-formed idea and then complained when you got a less then enthusiastic response.

If you want a feature to be included on lichess you have to be able to convince a dev that your idea is worth their time, and thus far you have failed in that goal.

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