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To me, at least, Lichess has always been about the chess community and the players here. I think it be a good idea to have a "hall of fame" similar to what professional sports have to honor the community and certain players that have accomplished a lot here. The criteria involved would need to be objective. It shouldn't be a popularity contest where somebody gets in just because they have a lot of followers or are a well known chess player in real life. Examples of players that would very likely get in would be players that win (a lot of) marathons, a lot of the shield arenas and other note worthy arenas. There could be a feature on the player, maybe a link to their stream/youtube channel if they have one, or their coaching profile. I think there would have to be some sort of committee involved in objectively evaluating a player's eligibility and their accomplishments. I think the hall of fame could also commemorate certain events, dates, and certain tournament's in lichess history whether it the 1st cwc event, the FV variant cup, or the 1st titled arena, or even a threshold for achieving a certain number of players. It can also include mention of certain unique trophys (zug miracle, bongcloud, way of the berserk, etc). I think it also acknowledge certain contributors but the problem is that there would be a bigger subjective element involved for that (not sure if that's good or not). Anyway, what is the community's thoughts on this? Is this a good idea that can honor players that have accomplished a lot on this site or does this seem like an idea that isn't very practical?

There's already a way to see tournament winners, shield holders, streamers, marathon winners, coaches, etc. Nearly everything you mentioned.

Making a hall of fame would be redundant, and it would become a popularity contest.

Also there's the #Trophygang. We already have our own club

Maybe make your own hall of fame club and set requirements for joining.

And let's not forget team testingthodsdsdg! Truly the most exclusive team:

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