Lichess Donor - refund?

I was happy to be a lichess donor. No one asked me to be, I just thought it was something I'd do as I had a few pounds to spare - so I gave it to my favourite chess site.

In return they recognised my contribution by giving me a little icon that showed I was one of the people who cared.

It was a nice little agreement. I give a little cash, they gave a little thank you.

Then they changed the arrangement. Suddenly I find out that the 'thank you' is being taken away unless I give more. Now they want 'regular' money or bigger donations, and they will only be pleased with me for a short amount of time after I give it.

I don't begrudge the developers the money; but I DO think it is bad manners to change rules and 'agreements'.

So instead of giving a bit of money when I can, I'm not giving any more. They've taken back their thanks - but I wonder how near zero the odds are on them giving me back my little donation now that the thanks has run out...

isnt that what you are complaining about? or did i get you wrong?

Oh i looked at the changes... i'm sorry but there are A LOT of people that want to give a dollar and get the icon, if they did that then there would only be a few people on here that DIDN'T have the icon. they have to make it this way.

I'm not complaining about me having (or not) the icon, but that the goal posts are changing.

I don't care about the icon per se. Whether I have it or not is immaterial. What matters is if it is taken away - like saying, "we don't thank you any more until you give more money".

But what matters is that even if you do not donate, the site is still free! Is that not thanks enough? Seems to me that Lichess is thanking everyone everyday by not charging to use the site, like your post said no one asked you to donate you just had some extra pounds to spare so I don't think you were looking for a thank you.
Just my opinion.

You donated.

You didn't buy an icon.

You aren't owed anything.

Your attitude makes me sad.

I guess if every player on this site donates just a single dollar/euro/pound every month, the Lichess team will be more than happy.

Thank you all for playing here ! :)

See you at the board, cheers HC

Lichess is trying to encourage people to make monthly donations so they can more easily plan for the future. Instead of complaining we should do everything we can to help them pay the bills. I'm grateful this more than perfect website exists, and I'm grateful for all the hard work that made this fantastic place possible.

I was sad to lose my sheriff badge, but I'm over it. I *do feel more like donating so I can get my wings back. In that respect the new initiative feels like a good idea/success.

Like dunno said, we aren't owed anything. As long as the features are identical for all there is no reason to complain about this year's bake sale fundraiser. - my $10 isn't keeping the sight alive all on its own lol.

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