Lichess can you make a piece set with the black pawns facing towards white?

Makes for better third party viewing of a match. You do have circles with no direction but the other pieces only come in one font style. Maybe allow just a style change where only the pawns change orientation ie. same as now, neutral direction, or directional. Thanks.

Why would this improve 3rd party viewing? It just looks atrocious.
Do you want to flip all the other pieces as well?

People can press F to flip the board, if they prefer checking out the Black view.

Why flip the board? In 2d mode the black pieces are backwards! Do you have a chess set with front faces? Do you play it with the faces backwards? No. So why not give an option to make it look right? There already is a chess set option on Lichess where the pawns are circles. This provides no direction indication and works. Just making a simple suggestion. Not the end of the world - unless it was a real battle and the soldiers were fighting backwards.

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