Lichess called me cheater though I am not!!!

Lichess has very good system for finding cheaters, but it is sometimes too good. It detects cheaters although they are not. My friend had a game (hope he will send a link) where lichess says he cheated though game lasted only 8 MOVES. I think that is not fair. If somebody has the same problem, please write it down.

game - I'm not quite sure why I was cheat detected :/ My guess is that it thought I was playing the exact same moves(I wasn't) or playing to good for my rating (I'm was only 1200 in correspondence but I am 2001 in puzzles)
And also, Why would I cheat, my opponent was lower than me and says himself(I know him from school that he couldn't see either. Anyway guys you need to email lichess of this happens to you I think.

If anyone want I can explain my moves.
EDIT #2:
I am a patron as well so I really think lichess is an amazing site so I would not want them to have more problems than the amazing moderators/developers already have with fixing stuff etc.
EDIT #3:
I do play in real tournaments. I can confirm that. I was (recently left when COVID-19 started) in a chess squad which did have restrictions on skill (meaning you had to be relatively good to join)

Why would anyone cheat at chess? It's a mystery. Still, not a very interesting one - at least, I'm not remotely interested in why somebody else might cheat, as long as they're kept out of my games. And lichess is never going to give you specifics. Perhaps you consulted an engine while you were playing, even if you didn't actually enter the engine moves. Who cares.

@tris1x You could ask them - they pop up here from time to time. They usually deny it though. Perhaps they want to pretend they're good at chess. Although why wouldn't you just lie in that case, rather than go to the effort of cheating, which risks getting you caught and banned. Perhaps they have tiny brains and think being good at chess will show they're smart but they suck at chess too. I'm not a psychologist. It's not really a chess question.

„Cheat detected“ usually is using some lichess analysis tools (sic!) during an ongoing game.

In other words, the smartest fellows of all...

I am going to use this trick in games. (I hope I'll not get banned)

@Sarg0n I wasn't copying moves from it though, If you look at the stockfish analysis I played different moves :/
But I don't really know how it works.