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I'm doing some boards for lichess - I've done those:

I do more. Lichess asked me to create a topic for you that they may know your opinions about next boards.
That's the first one:

Those are some NICE boards. Especially the wooden one; I don't know if you'd want to turn the contrast up a little bit, though.

I like your blue chessboard better than the current one. Yeah, could you make them a little darker?

I'm setting up darkness level up to pieces and playability.

I think these are all awesome. You're a clever one aren't you :)

Nice look. They deserve to be tested all of them !
We'll see about the contrast.

The blue board is amazing! When we'll be able to change the look the standard board?

Well you can already choose from 9 boards by clicking the eye icon on top right. More boards to be added soon.

New boards are great, thanks pirouetti.

New pieces are great too, although white pieces are hard to see on light squares, due to the lack of a thin black layer around them, like in other sets. It makes them non playable at the moment, that's a pity.