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  3. Lichess behavior with active games when site update happens

Yesterday night I was playing a 3+0 tournament game when the site updated. The game was quite equal and time was running low for both players. Then a site update happened, I got disconnected and lost the game because of being unable to reconnect.

I think Lichess must work something around this problem. Suggestion: suspend the game when a site update happens and give a chance to the disconnected player to reconnect instead of forfeiting. Whatever happens with this problem, something has to be done to prevent players from losing games that way.

I agree. I often get +15 seconds after being disconnected for a minute or more.

The update thing happened to me more than twice, but at least twice it had negative consequences for me on the outcome of the game.

Another suggestion to Lichess dev team: announce site updates, because I can't find it anywhere, all I find is complaints of other players in the forums. It would be great to know in advance in order to plan accordingly. If I know a site update happens at 1 am during the night, I will gladly avoid starting a game until the site maintenance is done.

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