Lichess analysis board safari Ipad


I play i lichess on a iPad and use safari web browser ... and when I want to analyse my game I go to analysis board but the Chess BOARD is blank pls fix this

Same issue, iPad Pro 3rd gen. Guessing the browser engine isn’t compatible for some reason?

I still have the same problem with my iPad Pro, 3rd generation: analysis board and opening database don‘t function, Stockfish doesn‘t run. What Can I do?

When should be the fixed deployed from github ? Its a critical issue an affects several iPad users (i saw already 3 different threads related to this bugissue

I have the same problem on iPad... using safari and brave browsers. Sometimes the analysis board is empty, sometimes not. Turn on SF and nothing works (can’t make any moves) or the board goes blank. Turn SF off and I can go through the moves played in a game.

This is only a recent issue.

It should work in Chrome since it does a bit less stupid stuff than Safari even given Apple's dumb restrictions. Otherwise, re-starts generally only happen during the European morning when there are few users and games.

Actually, now it should work in Safari again as well. We were able to work around it without a re-start.

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