"Letting time run out instead of resigning will result in a ban"

This is hogwash. It's my time and I'll do with it what I wish. There's already a feature that recognizes if a player has "left the game" and gives the opponent an option to claim victory. I also understand that tournaments are a different situation, as "wasting" time hurts the opponent's chances to play more games and score more points.

But in individual games, it should not be up to anyone to determine what is and is not a "proper" use of time. One offers or accepts a challenge based on certain time constraints. If you aren't happy with those time constraints possibly playing out, choose a faster time control. Whether I spend my 10 minutes on 40 moves or 1 move is nobody's business but my own.

Not to mention that sometimes things happen, like having to take a phone call or go to the bathroom for... longer than expected... or whatever. This just seems like over-legislation to me. It's unfortunate that sometimes one has to sit and watch the clock run down when one's opponent isn't making moves, but I think attempts to create rules and punishments that prevent this from happening are more trouble than they are worth.

If you have to take an important phone call or do an emergency bathroom session, why not just resign?

Quote : "This is hogwash. It's my time and I'll do with it what I wish."

It's very difficult to stay polite when I see a sentence like that. No, it's not *your* time. It's a game played with a partner.

Thanks are due to LiChess for curbing anti-social behavior in a social game.

#1 I agree but haven't had much luck being persuasive.

Actually unrated games are treated in the same way e.g. the notification appears there as well.


Ignore it.
100% ignore the message.

It means nothing, and it has always been a thing; now you just get a warning.

As long as you are not intentionally letting time expire consistently; then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

I get like 20 of those messages a day/night. I never once have received a temp ban (knock onwood)

I state again:


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