"Letting time run out"

It's pretty much totally ridiculous to say that one let time run out (in my case I just had 4,5 sec. left approximately) in a otherwise even game. Just because I did not find any fast solution in the end that DONT mean that I voluntarily let my time run out and I therefore got a ban for 9 minutes. This is stupid nonsense!!

I keep getting warned about a temporary ban on my account, But their servers are terrible! There's gotta be a bug, because my last game didn't even allow me to move at all, but I could send messages and whatnot. Then they don't ban rude or crass players. I've embalmed them TONS of times, and only got maybe one response???

Today I noticed the same problem. Is it a lost position when the computer analysis shows an advantage of 0.1 for my opponent?

Well: in this case I had 9 sec left - and lo and behold:

"Warning, Plutten. Letting time run out instead of resigning will result in a temporary ban".

Please stop this foolish nonsense Lichess! Construct this "devise" so it turns off when there are less than 10 or 15 sec left. Otherwise it's just annoying! But: it's good for some players when there are perhaps a minute left. Also it's rather stupid if the game is played unrated. Then it don't matter that much - if at all... Unrated games are just some sort of practice. But it's adequate (perhaps) in rated games.

DO you know how there is a prime in CS:GO? Prime users are only paired with each other. Intentional time wasters will lose trust points. The same is needed on lichess. The more trust points you have, more games you have completed. Stallers will eventually lose so many trust points that they will start getting paired with each other. Lichess Prime occurs after 6 months and 500 games. Obviously there is no paying involved unlike CS:GO, but this is needed to reduce stallers and cheaters from getting paired with legit users.

But it's NOT stalling or loosing with purpose on time when a game comes down to just a few sec and one dont find a fast enough solution to a specific position. Then it's just "normal" that one loses on time. And: when one plays with increment - then even one sec left could be enough to turn a game around. But that game could also be on the edge of being lost on time. EVEN if one thinks over the position for 10 seconds and then just loses on time because there where not time left or enough time. Stallers could perhaps be more effectively chased by other means. And if this continues: I just leave this site for good. There are other places to play a nice game o´f chess on! Dont forget that!!

By the way: This is a very good warning:

"Warning, .... Aborting too many games will result in a temporary ban."

Sometimes one have to leave (because call's of nature perhaps 😅) ... I always block all that behave like this - even in unrated games. Dont forget that all who reads...! 😧

Beklagar :(
Vi är tvugna att stänga av dig en stund.

Avstängningen upphör om om 42 minuter.

Vårt mål är att tillhandahålla alla en behaglig schackupplevelse till alla.
Därför måste vi försäkra oss om att alla spelare följer god sed.
När ett möjligt problem upptäcks visar vi detta meddelande.

Hur undviker jag det här?
Spela varje parti som du påbörjar.
Försök vinna (eller åtminstone nå remi i) varje parti som du spelar.
Ge upp förlorade partier (i stället för att låta tiden rinna ut).
Vi ber om ursäkt för den tillfälliga olägenheten,
och önskar dig bra partier på
Tack för att du läste!

Thank you and fuckoff LICHESS!!

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