Laptop fans going nuts

What happened to this page?
When playing a game my cooling fans are going nuts like never before, laptop battery drains within seconds O_o...
Half year ago my laptop did not behave as i was playing just cause or anything....

I use latest firefox browser.
Has anyone the same problem and fixed it?

I mean, chess can not that hardware demanding, right?

Thank you for reply, i just play a normal game, not switching any options...

That was a good point, on chrome it is very quiet now...
I dont't know why that is on firefox, i even have similar plugins.

Thank you for you answer!

It could be anything tbh. Maybe it's a bug on lichess's side. Maybe it's an addon. Or maybe your computer is getting old. I have no idea :P

Good question^^
so i will use my second favourite browser in the future :P

Thank You again for the working solution!

i only experience it when using an engine in analysis board on my laptop, not in game (chrome)

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