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  2. Lichess Feedback
  3. Lack of general chat area

This site is awesome but it's really lacking community feel to it, like ICC has. I mean the general chat with moderators and all that.

Now it just feels like a place where you just play chess and nothing else :/

Tourney chats ?

Agree, it's the one thing I miss when coming from FICS. Lichess is better in every other area.

As a mod I can only say: God preserve us!

(actually it‘s not my business here so I can be relaxed)

It would be nice (apart from the tons of throlls that would appear as always).

Another thing moderators would need to take care.

The world is becoming a strange place.

But, well, if mods are up to the task of banning people for bad behavior and SPAM, ok.

I still think we have other areas to improve before this one.

For example, we could have team chats instead of an open chat.

You can always come talk with us on discord:

The problem with discord is it's completely separate from the site. In order for it to feel like a community, it needs to be embedded.

would love a general chat to exchange ideas, ask for game analysis, I spend a lot of time on lichess, wouldn't hurt to keep another tab open at a general chat. Maybe moderation could be automatic (ban some words, don't accept any kind of links, etc).

I remember playing on one local site which had general chat as the biggest space covering the window and it was where all the action took place. You could easily talk in private chat with someone or create channels, in similar fashion like mIRC was.

I think such sites need 2 things to succeed - chatting and playing chess.

Yea Lichess is kinda missing the social vibe but it's great in every other aspect

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