Knight against knight draw


> No, the (defending) player has to show the defense and if he has no time for that it is at his expense.

> The winner-on-time has to show nothing, he is just playing.

Are you answering to me? If so, do not understand your logic at all.

It is not „my“ logic - it is that of the world main chess organization, FIDE.

@Sarg0n First of all, your post seems to me to be completly unrelated to my post. Because your post is done by you, not FIDE, please elaborate your PoV and/or reread my post carefully.

@Sarg0n The thread of discussion is the following:

1. Someone ask about auto-draw.

2. You show realistic position where auto-draw is bad.

3. In reply to 2 I repost my proposed rule. The rule is suitable for both 1 and 2. That is, the rule avoids auto-draw in your position and makes auto-draw in all other realistic draw positions.

4. You probably missed the point of 3.

USCF might like your proposed rule, however we're not assuming the defender plays like a tablebase.

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