Knight against knight draw


Is it normal that in knight against knight (just 2 kings and 2 (black and white) kinghts on the board) endgame there is no automatic draw in Blitz 3+2?
Even no automatic requested draw (means opponent must accept draw request to make it draw).

It just doesn't make any sense. Or does it?


Both sides can do a checkmate, that's why there is no automatic draw. If your opponent doesn't want to draw you'll have to use the rule about the 50th move without moving a pawn, or you can just give your knight.

Thankfully both players are probably amenable to a draw, on account of the increment.

In rare positions where neither player can checkmate AND Lichess can determine that neither player can checkmate, Lichess declares the position "dead" and immediately draws the game. But if the clock is still running, the game is still on...

I wounder how many of of drawn position that are actually won. 1/1000 or less ?

For example KB vs KN etc.

If it's your turn, you have at most one losing move and multiple non-losing ones in minor vs minor. And at most one winning move.

> Auto-draw by the server?

@Sarg0n @Toadofsky I shall write again: such KN+KN position that is win by EGTB should not be auto-draw (and should not be auto-win: the winning player must find the win so the game must go on); all other KN+KN positions should be auto-draw.

This rule is better than crazy FIDE rules and better than good USCF rules.

No, the (defending) player has to show the defense and if he has no time for that it is at his expense.

The winner-on-time has to show nothing, he is just playing.

FIDE rulez.