King + one knight is not enought to win

In my last play I was time loss, but my opponent had only King and one knight.
This is no ok. This should be draw!!! What can he do with only King and knight?

He could mate you:
Run with your King to h1 and place a knight next to it. You're buried and White can deliver a mate.

Basically answered a million times already but as long as you can produce a mate lichess will declare a winner. If you would have only a king left it would be a draw.

If you locked your king in the corner and blocked it with your knight, he could finish you. When your time is off, it is assumed that you play the rest the worst possible.

I think we need a bot who will recognize and answer such topics automatically

In my opinion i think the rule is stupid as black has to cooperate for white to deliver mate.

Happends once in a blue moon.

Yeah but then when should a win be awarded? What if a position like this arises:

obviously white would win when black flags. But is this more realistic than OP's position? So would you like to make a rule who has more material wins? What about this then?

black flags and has way more material but mate is unavoidable. See? You have to make a rule about flagging and currently its simple: you can mate, you win, you cannot its a draw.

If rules are derived from merit, then one can question who "deserves" to win if a player is down a queen:

What makes this situation "unnatural" isn't the rules: it's the clock.

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