Insufficient material rules. Bug?

Hello all.
Amical game with white. lost by time, but opponent has only one bishop ( and king). Should it not be a draw? Is this a bug?

Thank you

It would be a draw if you would not have any pawn anymore.
Thats because with the pawn there is still the possibility to get checkmated.

Aint't this declared as draw in OTB tournaments?

It'd be a loss in any tournament that uses FIDE rules. This question comes up several times a day.

It would have been a draw if you had promoted the pawn to a queen or rook before getting flagged. But you can helpmate yourself (by promoting the pawn to a knight or an opposite-colored bishop), so it's a loss.

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#3 Depends what ruleset you're playing by although most OTB events have a delay or increment so running out of time is inadvisable.

What can happen when you play with no increment.

In any normal situation black would have played Bxh7 last move as it would have been declared a draw, but black deliberately made a different move in the hope of flagging you.

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