Inflated ratings on the site

Requesting lichess to provide a better and accurate rating on the site.

Lichess must take actions in order to reduce the inflated ratings. Instead of starting every player around a 1500 margin it would b better for them to climb up defeating weak opponents rated below 800.

Until the question mark dissapears from the rating games one should put all the points into a pool and then add them back.
As new accounts having weak players give a good rating points to the players in the margin of 1200 to 1800. All these players will get an inflated rating till 2200. So requesting lichess to solve this matter by changing the rating ideologies.

Thank you. Trying to be as poslite as i can. Pardon me if any informal words are in this.

As this is one of the major drawbacks of the site

Blitz rating is about correct, rapid rating is about +100 inflated, classical rating is about +200 inflated as seen from comparing the lichess ratings of the leaders in those time controls with their corresponding FIDE ratings.
One solution could be to seed new players for blitz at 1500, rapid at 1400 and classical at 1300.
Another solution could be to keep players unrated for like 10 or 20 games, then rate them at their tournament performance rating for those 10 or 20 games and only then adjust the ratings of their opponents according to their attributed rating.

@tpr No, Lichess ratings aren't inflated compared to FIDE, or whatever rating pool. They are just different ratings with different rating pools and sets of players. Who says FIDE ratings are the most correct? Both Lichess and have arguably much better rating systems than FIDE which uses the old elo system compared to glicko.

Imagine being an 800 and playing rated and a 900 rated GM comes up to you and beats you.

The GM would have to lose 3-4 games to very low rated players, so that doesn't happen really. Unless this is an Ivanchuk reference, in which case I love it!

@The_Human_Paradox : About a month ago GM Vasyl Ivanchuk played his only rated blitz game, against Maria_campillo who was rated at 946. Ivanchuck didn't move, lost on time, lost 579 rating points, and so now has a blitz rating of 921. So GM Gata Kamsky, at one time the 4th strongest player in the world, just recently played a 16 game unrated blitz match against someone rated 921, and lost the match.