Incorrectly Get Warning Ban Message for 'Not Making Move'

Starting from the graphical menu page showing the different game time controls such as 1-0, 2-1. 3-2, 5-0 etc, I chose one of the options (I think 3-2) and then experience a delay. Not liking the delay, I decided to click on one of my 2 correspondence games going on (as shown on the top right), but instead of relinquishing and switching over to correspondence game - I was shown a chess board (the previously requested 3-2) but it was timing out to make a move. I quickly made a move. Even though I move a pawn forward, it did not register on the board and instead popped a message that so and so (my Lichess name) could get a temporary ban for letting time run out! I had no access to the board for most of that time out period and when I finally did, I made a move only to get it rejected and instead be blamed for timing out. Please remove this from my record at least, as I rarely let my time run out on purpose at the start of a new game.

Your connection dropped, it happens. It's a warning. As long as it doesn't become a pattern, you have nothing to worry about.

Hi bufferunderrun,

Thanks for your reply post and I can see what you are saying is true, but this type of situation has happened to me several times (where I don't have control of the network connection) and I've gotten warnings - maybe even 4 or 5 times over a a week to two or less time period. I hope Lichess has some internal metrics regarding network connection quality so they can check that against having too many time-out warnings.


Yes indeed ..I have experienced several times for a few weeks ago. Just now I have been banned for 7 minutes after not finish the game and let the times clock off.

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