Important team bug

I have got a team: It has now 42 members.

A friend who's username is @Titorajedrez requested to enter the team and he thought he was in but he didn't appear in the list. So I told him to leave and enter again but every time that he left, the number of members went 1 number down. It means that we are 42 members in the team but it says that we are only 25.

I really hope that lichess developpers can solve that bug as fast as it's possible because there are many people who want enter the team.

Thank you for reading and good luck.

Now it seems that we are -2 people in the team... :(

Maybe just restablishing the real number of members and solving the problem with the 'ghost member' who isn't really in the team @Titorajedrez we could resolve this issue?

Yes, it is a bug. Could lichess fix it?

Thank you

Oh. I it is already fixed. We are very pleased. Thank you again!

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