important feature for corr. chess

It would be really helpful in correspondence chess to heave a feature „has played at least – 10 – 20 – 50 -games“ when issuing open challenges, as a preconditon for your potential opponent.

Otherwise you end up aborting tons of games against opponents who played 1 game on this site. This feature is standard on all chess sites that offer cc.

For the future: a feature „move speed“ would be also nice (on e. g. you can chose in daily chess only opponents who move really fast = faster then 3 hours per move in average). But obviously with the current storm of sometimes above 90.000 players online every day, lichess has other problems: additional server space, I guess.

Congrats, by the way: on several days during the last week, lichess had more players online in live chess then!

A question: hopefully aborting so many games in cc does not lead to the same result then in live chess, a temporaire ban (or playing sooner or later in the „dark side“ of lichess, as Thibault once explained in a youtube-video). Or does it???
and another one: I thought at first, that conditional moves do not exist at all in lichess corr. chess.

Only then I read by chance that it is built in the analysis feature.

The server could make this really more clear...

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