Idea: Material handicap match

I think material handicap matches on lichess could be fun. Here is a few ways it could work:

#1 In simuls.
The creator could either give himself a material advantage, or give the players of the simul a material advantage. the creator would choose exactly what the advantage is.

#2 In tournaments.
There would 2 types of people joining it. Guys with "low" ratings, and guys with "high" ratings. People with the low ratings would get the material advantage. There would be 2 different leaderboards, one for weak players and one for strong players. (Strong players compete against each others in getting best scores against weak players with a material disavantage).

#3 Rated games.

People can create a game and decide to either give themselves a advantage or to their opponement. Depending on the advantage, the ELO would be auto adjusted.

For example, i'm a 1600 player, but if give my opponement knight odds (i start down a knight), then the elo win/loss calculation would consider that i'm actually a 1200 player.

You can play with handicap by starting from a custom position instead of the normal position.
Another way of playing handicap is to play where the stronger player plays a bad opening.

But what from i understand, this can only be done by playing with a friend. I think it would be fun to be able to play it in public games.

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