I won this game. Why does it look like it scored a loss??

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To answer your question the last move made in the game, was made by your opponent.

This happened to me once. Almost every day there's a post from someone where it happened.

I believe the scenario is that your internet dropped and you didn't see your opponent's last move. As you can tell from your game history, LiChess saw their last move.

I've though a lot about this scenario since it happened to me, and how to avoid it happening again. In general there's a bunch of ways that you can check a game and be sure that your browser is up to date. Now I usually pick up my iPhone and check the game and ensure it's my opponent's move. I think a browser refresh would also work. Probably opening the game in a different browser tab would work.

Of course since I started doing that my internet has never dropped again and the problem never reoccurred.

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