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  3. I there a reason lichess doesnt have any opening explorer?

I switched from another site and they had an extensive opening explorer, although very limited and you could only look a few moves deep before you need premium membership. There are some alternative sites like chess 365 although you have to pay for premium access such as analysis of master games and a few other. Your generally look at around 2000-2300 opening. I'm not sure if it is a fiscal issue since this is a fairly underground site but I think it would be a great addition to the site since you can't work on openings. Just a suggestion. if there is a thing I'm missing, that would be kindly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Lichess does have an opening database -- and the best one, at that. It can be accessed through the analysis board (under the "tools" tab or by analyzing one of your games). To the right of the board, the button to the bottom left opens the opening database. You can switch between master games and Lichess users' games (and for the latter, you can even select what time control and rating range to look at).

i was talking in my original post about theoretical lines. it would be nice to see to solid and proven lines from history that players know are good(for the most part, until engines came along). And some engine analysis alon the way if some fot he lines are incorrect of a 3400 level :P

Lichess does have an opening explorer.

2 million master games
50 million lichess games
Unlimited depth
Unlimited queries
Free for all forever

@ummmwhatever you can set opening explorer to only use master games.

I looked into that and it seems you have to sponsor the site for that option among a few others. Sucks to be poor heh :) Maybe I'm wrong but I saw i graph on free versus payed availability.

If anyone know a way to fix this it'd be greatly appreciated, I'm not good but it'd be nice to see master opening instead on of thousands of openings of amateur opening from thousands of players like myself :P

Dude, four different people have now told you that there's an opening explorer, including master games, totally free, and you've been given a link.
If you ask people a question, at some point you should stop posting and actually read the answers you've received.

Boni is not happy.

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