I straight up refuse to play people who are 100+ lower rated than me and will keep abandoning

now i am timed out cause i got so many of those in a row. you are 5x more likely to get cheated against when enemy is super low rated. give me a way to not play those guys. for now it is

Just search for games with opponents rated -100 to +100 from your rating.

Come on guys or gals, people, that op is just new, why so cynical. Is it the link? Assume the best, and i believe the worse will get bored, it is a win-win-win (just not to miss anybody or anything, an extra win does not hurt).

tpr, was the closest, and me i would just tell you that in the same panel (or tab within lichess main page) where you chose your game, there is a burger icon (or a cog) where you can do what tpr suggested.

still refusing, another timeout! go on a smurf, same shit. Time to quit using quick search i guess

Quick pairing cannot work if everyone only wants to play higher rated opponents.

To be honest, I don't get your logic.

Why would *lower* rated players be "5x" more likely to cheat? Wouldn't they be pretty shitty cheaters then?

In any case, this is not great injustice. If you abandon a game, you are ALWAYS wasting someone's time - just because the other guy might or might not be a cheater (presumeably in the minority of cases). You are the bad guy in his case.