How to view your oldest forum post.

I found a cool trick

If you go to your forum posts you get a url like this

but what you can do is add this to the end of the url

&page=[page number]

Keep increasing the page number until you get no forum posts, this means you went too far.

I was able to do this to find thibault's first forum post

You can do this to any account.

This doesn't work for any post after 10,000 (You can't go beyond 1,000 pages)

That's pretty cool! But I'm not sure if this belongs in Lichess Feedback.

Yes, I had also used this trick before and it saves a lot of scrolling. One thing to mention is that each page=10 posts so you can divide x amount of posts by 10 to get whatever page you want to go to. Ie, in thibault's case 5141/10= 541.1, but you have to round up even the smallest decimal so you get page 515.

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