How to restart a game or have it adjudicated.

I was playing bobbydan on 6/24 2020. I never left the game, it says I did and he was given the victory. How can this be fixed so that we finish the game.

I was sitting at my board waiting on him to move. He moved his Knight and I went to move and it gave him the win. There was no mate on the board. Please help. Thank you.

No. It was normal. I was listening to music on youtube and it never quit. Also, my kids were watching tv and we stream. They never saw any interruptions.

Is this going to be a lost cause? Honestly, its not fair. I always give my opponent the benefit of the doubt when they disconnect on websites until its a long enough time. 10 minutes max. If I was offline, there is no way it was more than 30 seconds.

Unfortunately Lichess does not have any functionality to restart games. I wouldn't worry about it too much, your rating will even out to what it should be before long.

It is probably the lichess server overload, so that your last move was shown on your local computer, but did not reach the lichess server or your opponent. It is unfortunate, but it happens more lately.
Rating does not matter, it well adjust itself as you play more.
If your opponent agrees, then you can play a new game starting from the position where it went wrong.

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