How many users can Lichess handle?

Just out of curiosity, how many users can Lichess handle at the same time? Lets say the titled arena, marathon and a yearly tournament was held at the same time and as a surge in coverage and popularity, over 100 000 users decide to connect and play at the same time. Is this something Lichess can handle, bother server and software? What about 200 000 users? Is this handled by just one or more computers/servers?

Also, does lichess own their own physical server or does it rent it from a server company?

I'm no expert, but I guess it's cheaper to buy and/or rent a server today than back then in 2015? At least per user?

If the number of users gets to high to handle they are posting some banners^^

I remember the first marathon, and the havoc that caused. Thankfully things are a lot better now.

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