How do I get to the games where I was featured on tv.

@MarleyDesforges said in #1:
> I looked on my profile and found out I was featured on lichess tv for a minute! Is there way to get to the game where I was featured? If so, how?

I think there is a feature where you can see the previous 3 games shown on lichess tv.

@Peeyush_Sonkar said in #9:
> No no! You are absolutely thinking it wrong! The #2 post is all correct that it's shows about the players who spectate your game.....
> For eg. You are playing a game and 2 of the people are spectating, if the game lasted for 1 min then on your profile , the TIME ON TV's time will increase by 2 mins i.e. 1 min for each spectator......
> Hope you would have understood!
Moderators and developers have confirmed what written by me in many occasion in the past. You can search for those threads yourself.

And it's obviously trivial to test it out yourself. Or just take a look at Thibault's account. You don't seriously believe that hai games were inky watched for 4 hours in total over 10 years, even more so if watch time were multiplied by the number of viewers.

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