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I have completed the translation to Portuguese (Portugal). I look forward your approval and comments.
Congratulations for this amazing project!

A few days ago, I started to work on Slovak translations. It's fun! :-)

My language preference has always been English so I had no idea how poorly translated some of the translations to Slovak are. I am currently trying to correct the wrong translations, especially in main menu, puzzles etc. I am really enjoying it.

Have one issue, though. I would like to translate "PRACTICE" in dropdown menu of "LEARN" (it still appears as "practice" in Slovak language settings), however, I can't seem to find it. The same goes for "COORDINATES" and "STUDY" in the same dropdown menu. Well, I seem to have trouble finding menu items to translate in general. :-/

Any ideas?

BTW, thank you a million for this G.R.E.A.T. website! Happy to contribute at least a tiny little bit.

Translation into Slovak language finished 100%. :-)

I'm working on ITALIAN

Ragazzi diamoci da fare, perché molte traduzioni sono notevolmente migliorabili. Dobbiamo esprimere concetti nella nostra lingua, piuttosto che limitarci ad una traduzione letterale.
Suggeriamo idee di traduzione e votiamo, dai!

I help @thibault

In Turkish, there is a major mistake. (I'm a lang nazi in my mother tongue. )

It says " Ücretsiz Çevrimiçi Satranç " but the word "Ücretsiz" should be replaced with the word "Bedava" because the word "Ücretsiz" is used for defining people work but do not get salary (literally) . And "Bedava" means free (you don't give money) (not having permission to do something, that word is "Özgür" . )

I'd like this major mistake fixed. But I would not care much. I use lichess in English.

@thibault I can translate site to sinhala but there no sinhala section if you can add sinhala i will translte to sinhala :-)

I am trying to translate the pages below to Brazilian Portuguese, but I cannot find the sources in crowdin. May someone me point me some directions?

Can I change the alias for and how to do it. Thank you

I know RAR!

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