Help! Account will be closed due to offensive username, while it is perfectly fine :-O

> Also, then glbert is basically saying that mods are enjoying power too much, when he himself is one??

you forgot the technically as well. it's a small but important difference that could get someone banned. me, for example, and i'd like to avoid that if at all possible.

and yes, what i am saying is that if this account was indeed banned for the username (which sounds extremely likely given the circumstances) – then it was in my personal opinion a wrong decision by the mod. i like the joke in the name, even though i honestly wouldn't get it without the explanation. and i don't think the mods should be the fun police.

> Yeah but it's ok because it's poetry apparently.

no, it's sarcasm. it's multifaceted world out there, you know. lots of possibilities, lots of opinions, lots of ways to say things that are not necessarily fun. i don't think PxJ should be the fun police either.

@glbert said in #41:
> i don't think PxJ should be the fun police either.
Alright, I will refrain from banning you then big boy.

@SD_2709 said in #33:

> How do you know that they closed their own account? I suggested it as a possibility but looking back it seems kind of unlikely.

For some reason my first thought was they closed their own account but that is probably not what happened. In any case, I thought the username was pretty clever and not offensive at all. However, given the climate today I'm not surprised that someone complained about it (whether that was another user or a moderator or both).

If the OP is reading under another username - sorry for my thoughtless/offensive/unnecessary comment.

I wonder at which concentration ammonia is no longer unacceptably offensive?






Thank god my name is not kill-with-nitrogentrifluoride (NF3 - 1. Nf3)

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