Have I streamed?

I have just streamed "Sheep chess" on lichess....Better, I hope it!
1. My streaming was ok on my YouTube Channel and was shown regularly
2. No message traful is streaming on lichess, never
3. Scrolling the streamers, usually I see me in the first places after streamed. Not at all today.

Anybody could help ne, please?

Your YouTube channel is not listed in your steamer profile.

I am still unable to stream on lichess. I use OBS and actually I can stream only on my YouTube channel.

My settings on my streamer page:

1.Your Twitch username or URL : empty
2. Your YouTube channel ID or URL: UCiCepxXXXXXXXXrlw (I found it on my YoutUBE Channel advanced settings)
3. Your streamer name on Lichess: traful
4. Visible on the streamers page: ON and approved by moderators - I streamed many times

OBS settings:

1. Service: Youtube/Youtube gaming
2. Server: Primary Youtube ingest server
3. Stream key: 6qkXXXXXXXXX65t (I found it in my YouTube channel settings).

So, I think everything is ok. I streamed many times without problems, now on lichess in impossible. I think the problem is with lichess, because I stream without problems on my Youtube channel.

I'm really going nuts, because I think everything is ok.
Please help! :)

Thanks in advance

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