Got Warning for Letting Time Run Out Without Resigning But I Lost By Resigning

I was playing a bullet game when I was losing a game and decided to resign as my time was counting down with only a few seconds left. But after resigning, I got a warning message that counting down my clock without resigning could result in my being banned! I had a little over a second left still, but even if I didn't resign I must have had only about 5 seconds or maybe a little less to make a move, and would I still get the warning message then?

Anyways, clearly this is a bug/defect since I had already resigned and still got the warning.

I don't think it's a bug-- I think it was caused by spending so much time on your last 2 moves, relative to the time control.
Since the algorithm being used can't determine if you are using this time to think or to be inconsiderate to your opponent, it assumes the latter.
If you aren't doing this often, I don't think it should be a problem.
Can any devs/mods confirm?

Can confirm it's not a problem if you don't do it often.

I got that warning recently. I was lost in thought and spent 35 seconds on my last move in a 5:3 game. I was surprised the game ended and I got a warning! Double Defeat! And I was innocent. Ah, the pain. :)

clousems - Well, I have reported a similar problem that has happened to several times where my opponent looks like he or she is taking a lot of time, but what happens is that in the meantime I get a disconnecting (network error) problem. Then after sometimes many seconds to a minute or more, my time then shows I lost and I get the warning. So it has happened because of a network connection problem.

Here, there may have been a network connection problem earlier. But what was different here was that I resigned. I was already losing in the game. I decided after some seconds to just go ahead and resign. And then I got the warning about letting my time without resigning: I did RESIGN and then it gave me that WARNING to not let time run out and that I should resign. Hence, it is a defect!

IM lovlas - sorry, I don't think you read closely enough what I had posted. I did resign before timing out, and it displayed the warning that I better NOT time out and should resign instead. The left hand panel gave the warning message; and the right hand panel said or confirmed that I resigned. It's not just the other problem where I lose a network connection on the last move that causes me to lose on time and then I get the warning message for not letting the time run out. That too was not under my control. Thanks.

killF7 - I think you too didn't quite read what I had posted entirely, though I think I can relate to you feeling pain on innocently letting the time run out; however, in my situation I did resign before my clock ran out. And here again, the warning was not appropriate.

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