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  3. google captcha on registration - please use another service!!

I have students here in China I have recommended to register for, but they cannot because somebody implemented google captcha on registration, which is not only the slowest and most annoying captcha service and most commonly automated by hackers but also renders this beautiful website unusable by over billion potential online chess players. Please consider using a captcha service that doesn't render this website unusable. Thanks!

Google captcha doesn't work in China? That's problematic.

@lovlas It's a thing. The Great firewall of China has been known to do this.
A little bit of information can be found here.

Students? You should be the one receiving instruction

deepblueincarnate, I *should* be receiving chess instruction yes :) My students are English and Math students. Hey, it looks like the google services were removed. Props to lichess devs you will go far! :)

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