Good game, well played.


Absolutely not. Blunder is when you make an intentional move unknowingly that's a mistake. That is chess. An accident is when you want to play a move, your finger slips and you make another, unintentionally. That's not chess, is just an accident and you don't wish your opponent or yourself any of that. And please don't shout, I'm sure that's netiquette too.

"How is it narcissistic to say ggwp upon draw or defeat?"
I didn't wrote that. Please, don't use straw man arguments.

Please do not remove this option. I play in kid mode, and have no other way to say it.
Rather, Please add the possibility to edit your own automatic message?
Then you can change "Good game, well played" to something that would seem more generic suitable for you.
Kind Regards,

@MarkIorio bruh u r really holding ur ground
ur a very good debater
ur making me argue hard
not saying u argument is correct in my terms tho

well, according to Google,
a stupid or careless mistake.
make a stupid or careless mistake; act or speak clumsily.
careless = unintentional
"Blunder is when you make an intentional move unknowingly that's a mistake" isn't that, in some cases, literally the same thing as an unintentional move, like a misclick u thought was good, which can be an accident since misclicks = accidents.
and btw this is turning into a sub-sub-argument from removing a feature to luck to definitions


@InkyDarkBird "ur a very good debater"
(-: Thanx, you are kind but it's easy for me here, because logic is by my side. Again, no, blunder and accidents are not the same thing: you blunder with your brain, you mistap with your fingers. If we wished to win by lucky fingers we should play marbles instead, and quit chess for good.

It's actually minimal effort to click a button. Isn't it?
#4: "It's always itritating when I get people just pushing buttons instead of putting the minimal effort to show a human response." - @MarkIorio

It seems that you're taking these words too seriously.
It is said to show courtesy and friendliness things. :)

"used to express wishes for success." -good luck (by Google)
"used as a mark of sportsmanship and an acknowledgment that you had fun while battling against your opponents" -Good Game (by howtogeek)

It is agreeable that saying it all the time (and automated by AI) might lose it's purpose but... if its only upon draws and defeat, it might make sense to automate it to some people though.

#10: "using a brief mechanical greeting is futile. If we really want to communicate with our opponent we should make a far better effort. First of all we should write something original for that particular game, then we could go on chatting, possibly using the voice chat feature." - @MarkIorio
It isn't.
It would be too much work to do to especially to bullet players like me.
It wouldn't be harmful to just say a traditional response, would it?

#10: "please drop the ggwpgl jargon and stuff. It's just irritating" - @MarkIorio
It's would be better to make a poll whether majority are irritated then.

It's a 24 hour day, Good Luck going through it! :)

"Automating greetings is rude and irritating. 'Talk to the machine'. How narcissistic."

"How is it narcissistic to say ggwp upon draw or defeat?"
I didn't wrote that. Please, don't use straw man arguments."


You use a google definition of the "good luck" expression to justify it here, but we have to consider context and mean of communication. It's different to say it in person to someone entering a competition (but it's not common to say it to your opppnent). Have a machine write the same thing to a nick before a chess game is all another kettle of fish. You don't even bother wishing me good luck in person? You have your mechanical secretary do the job instead? If I liked to be treated like that I would go asking favours to a prime minister, or a diplomat, and with no money to bribe. Here... how rude.

You play bullet and don't have time to pause between a game and the next? Then don't, go straight ahead. Your opponent doesn't need falsified human reactions, nor they like it. In fact, they are annoyed because you called them to open the chat window just to read a standard automated message. Please, don't waste *their* time.

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