Glitchy page, time running out

Sometimes after I make a move, a random amount of time will pass where it will show that the opponents time is ticking and it is their turn. Then my move will be reverted and my time has somehow ran out, and I lose the game. This has happened at least 20 times.

I know what you mean-- in one of my games against a CM i was significantly up on time and I had a checkmate in one. Then, my server crashed (a Lichess update) and I was disconnected. Briefly, like five minutes later, I reconnect after not touching anything to find that I lost my game on time , just possibly because the CM massimilianoferrari or something reconnected before i did. This is a glitch- and i reported it- and NO ONE RESPONDED! I make it a point to avoid glitchy servers, and luckily for Lichess-- it hasn't happened again, or I would have quit this website. Honestly, if this happens again, what I would do (you don't have to do this) is to get a better network, or if that doesn't work-- then you should probably quit and find a better chess website!

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