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  3. give name of the cheater.

It means much to me when i see that it is not me and the fact that i suck in chess, but the fact that the opp betrayed. What the cheat detection team does is very valuable to me.

i would like to suggest to give the name of the cheater in the 'you lost to a cheater' message. I will search through my games anyway to find out who it was. That info - preferable linking to the games i played with this player - would save me the time. This also has the advantage that i will still know that he was the specific person, even if he closed his account.

Thank you for hunting them :-)

Your suggestion to save yourself time will never happen. Maybe you do not comprehend the phrase "naming and shaming"?

As it is against ToA for members, lichess staff surely will not publicly name and shame anyone, including private messages. People sometimes post "private messages" which is highly discouraged in any forum.

I don't have an opinion on the issue, except that "naming and shaming" is not public when done over a private message.

@mdinnerspace as you are not an admin and not a dev i interpret your 'will never happen' as a private assumption.

However, i agree that public shaming is not cool. An addon to the private message can prevent this: 'do <red>not</red> post this name to the lichess forums. Public shaming will result in getting banned.'


Correct. However, the private message can be copied and pasted into a public forum. There is nothing to prevent this, even though it is considered unethical. I seriously doubt mods would name in private detected users when their messages can be made public. Their being tagged is sufficient.
Note: Members are muted, tagged by lichess, they are not "banned" for these types of infractions.

@mdinnerspace as you are worrying that the name in the private message will cause public shaming (im not so sure about that), the text of the message could be:

--- message start ---

you lost to a cheater

Refund <x> rating points

these are the games for your convenience: <link to the games>

NOTE: do NOT post the name of the cheater to public forums, otherwise you will be muted by admins. We disallow public shaming on lichess!

--- message end ---

It's not gonna happen. Nothing positive can come out of naming marked users.


I would like to have this feature as well but not for the same reason: I do not care about the person but I feel frustrated not to know in which game I played a cheater. If the name of the person must remain a secret, I would not mind having a copy of the game with players "anonymous-ed".

Maybe i was misunderstood, but it is the same reason for me, i do not care for the player but for the games. I like the anonymous-ed idea, but in general, i wonder why the betrayed player gets no info where he was betrayed, for the purpose to protect the anonymity of the betrayer. Also, these players get their labels anyway which is visible on their userpage, i then wonder why it is a problem that i get this info in the private message.

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