Games ending up in the database

What determines whether or not a game gets included in the lichess database after it's finished?

I've had multiple cases where my games don't appear in the line I played after I played it and also a lot of cases where it appears in "recent games" and it's mapped in the explorer.

Can't figure out any rule behind it. Most importantly, I was wondering how many games played on this site are not actually included in the opening explorer

Games below ..7? moves aren't in it. Everything else should be (Given your ratings are high enough - I think 1600 is the minimum?). Please link a game which didn't get in there!

I see all games I played in my profile. Sometimes a game just played does not enter the list of my games immediately, but finally it enters the list.

I would like to have more options for grouping my games, more than just Bookmarking. For example, many games are rubbish, and I don't want to see them at all; I would like to mark games as "rubbish" and hide.

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