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Anonymous #1

why can spectators not view game chat.

or talk in game chat, too. can we have this?

Anonymous #2


What's wrong with cht room? I can not see anything there, even my own words.

it works for me

Specialist, what browser are you using? name+version will help me diagnose the problem

Anonymous #6

thiballt why can't spectators view chat

Anonymous #7

we want to view chat as a spectator

nah, chat is private.

I quite ageee - view the game, by all means, but person-to -person discussions between players should remain just that. People can use the 'general' chat (those that can see it) if they want to
trade banalities (and there's so much of that, I'm not especially sorry to have lost the facility!)

Anonymous #10

"nah, chat is private"

why. you should explain if you're going to say stuff like that.